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Wed, Dec 13






Time & Location

Dec 13, 2023, 5:30 PM

Middlefield, 17717 Newcomb Rd, Middlefield, OH 44062, USA

About the event


Krieghoff  K32  San  Remo  4  barrel  set  S#223,  Remington  870WM  410  gauge  S#T891387H,  Remington  870WM  28  gauge

S#T709852J,  Remington  870WM  12  gauge  S#V497795V,  Remington  870WM  20  gauge  S#V847380X,  Remington  870WM  16  gauge

(Like  new)    S#D367892W,  Remington  1100  Magnum  12  gauge  S#L888162M,  Browning  Citori  525  20  gauge  New  in  HC

S#170552MX131, Browning Superposed Citori 12 gauge O-U S#76643, Browning Citori CXS 20 gauge S#28289ZR131 , Browning A-

Bolt 30-06 Nikon scope S#53429PT717, Ruger American 450 cal. (NIB) S#691080539, Henry Golden Eagle 22 cal. (NIB) S#GE001047

,  Sako  Sporter  222  cal.  Leupold  scope  S#AI161998,  Browning  Ducks  Unlimited  70th  Anniversary  Silver  Gold  12  gauge    (NIB)

S#2666OU2007, Beretta 303 12 gauge (NIB) S#N67882E, Savage Axis 400 Legend (Bushnell scope) (Like new) S#R055445, Savage

10 6.5 Creedmoor Athlon scope (Like new) S#K684280 , Rossi Amedeo .45 Colt (NIB) S#RR1518of 2000, Ruger Red Label (gold inlay)

12  gauge  (NIB)  S#411-78076,  Marlin  1895  45-70  (NIB)  S#RM0021218,  Winchester  94  John  Wayne  32-40  (New)  S#JW45524,

Winchester 94 John Wayne 32-40 (New) S#JW45524, Winchester 70 308 cal. S#G1802948, Marlin (SS) 1894 357 cal. S#91206623,

Marlin (SS) 1894 44 cal. S#91807533, Remington 700 243 cal. BSA scope S#30528, Winchester 670 30-06 Vortex scope S#116182,

Savage  95R17 .17 HMR Bushnell scope  S#3562345,  Savage (SS) 112 300  cal.  Tasco scope S#F886122, Ruger American 450 cal.

Leupold  scope  S#690238425,  Glenfield  30A  30-30  Tasco  scope  S#23023767,  Winchester  XTR  .350  Legend  Vortex  scope

S#PT16660YZ357, Weatherby Mark V 257 cal. Burris scope S#H226418, Browning Belgium 300 cal. S#7L41798, Henry H004 .22 cal.

S#GB541342, Henry H009G 360 cal. (Like new) S#BH02806G, Remington 870WM 20 gauge (NIB) S#W196428U, Weatherby Vanguard

300 cal. Like new S#VB042162, Remington 1100TD 12 gauge S#L122016V, Remington 870WM 12 gauge S#3025957V,  Weatherby

Vanguard 300 cal. S#VX39706, Weatherby Orion 12 gauge O-U S#E003942, Ruger Black Hawk New Model 357 cal. S#3541215, Ruger

Black Hawk 44 cal. S#8007431, Ruger Red Hawk 44  cal. S#500-34867 , Taurus 357 cal. Tasco scope S#L167061B, Sako Sporter

L61R  338  cal.  S#39293,  Browning  Superposed  Broadway  12  gauge  S#5641572,  Winchester  12  20  gauge    (Like  new)  S#831656,

Browning BLR 30-06 (Like new) S#02779NR427, Savage 110 243 cal. Bushnell scope S#E762944, Remington 541S 22 cal. S#1163516,

Canik 9mm (Like new) S#T6472-22   BU29489, Ruger 1022 22 cal. Red Dot scope (Like new) S#252-24178, Mossberg Maverick 12

gauge S#MV17589F, Mossberg 500 12 gauge (2 barrels) S#J927048, Remington 870WM 20 gauge LW S#S728247K, C Barker 12 SXS

S#7373, Remington 760 30-06, Remington 700 22-250 Pro Hunter scope S#C6848766, Ruger Red Label 20 gauge (NIB) S#401-22008,

Browning BLR 270 cal. Bushnell scope S#D6475NV427, Weatherby Vanguard 308 cal. Guide Gear scope S#VL37702, Franchi Raptor

20 gauge S#HH17301, Perazzi MX14 12 gauge S#66699, Mossberg Patriot 350 Legend (Like new) S#MPR0483262, Parker Bro. 12

gauge  SXS  S#132004,  Remington  700  6.5  Creedmoor  (NIB)  S#RR12599M,  Mossberg  535  Camo  12  gauge  (2  bbls)  S#AT022074,

Remington  1100  20  gauge  S#M278672X,  Marlin  375  .375  Win.  Bushnell  scope  S#20071907,  Savage  64  .22  cal.  Barska  scope

S#2767789, Remington 7600 .270 cal. Bushnell scope S#A8000218, Colt (SS) Python .357 cal., Colt (SS) Trooper .357 cal., Remington

1100 16 gauge, Remington 700 BDL .270 cal. (Like new), and more.


Federal 410 gauge 9 shot, Blazer 9mm Luger 115 grain, Remington .270 130 grain, Hornady .17 cal., Tul-

Ammo .40 S&W 170 grain, Remington  .45 auto 230 grain, Winchester .400 Legend 215 grain, Winchester .350 Legend  180 grain,

Winchester .25 auto 50 grain, Range Dynamics .223 55 grain, Remington 16 gauge 6 shot, Blazer .22LR 40 grain.


1923 Silver dollar, half dollars, 1926 dime, gold dollars, Barack Obama 24 KT gold US quarter set, Black Diamond

nickel, Lincoln & Kennedy coin set, John Tyler encased coins, 1936 dime encased, Wisconsin quarter encased, Uncirculated penny

encased, JFK coin collection, Bicentennial coin set, Three centuries nickel set, Indian head penny & Buffalo nickel set, History of

Lincoln  penny  set,  Princess  Di  coins,  JFK  gold  half  dollar,  Elvis  Presley  coins,  Barack  Obama  gold  dollar  encased,  American

Innovator 13 coin set in presentation case, Desert Storm coins, rolls of 20 half dollars, roll of 25 Susan B Anthony silver dollars, roll

of 25  golden dollars, Abraham  Lincoln coin encased, 1976 Uncirculated Eisenhower dollar, Jefferson nickel &  Sacagawea dollar

encased, and more.

View listing and photos on ID# 13983

TERMS: We will accept Cash, Check, Debit card, Visa-Mastercard-Disc with proper ID. There is a 5% Buyer’s Premium on all

sales. 5% will be waived if paid with cash or good check. You must be 18 or older to purchase long guns, be 21 or older to

purchase hand guns, be an Ohio resident to purchase firearms at this auction.

Auctioneer: Crist F. Miller      Assisting Auctioneer: Urie Byler

Owner & Miller not responsible should any accidents occur.

Auctioneer’s Note:


This is an auction that you don’t want to miss!!

Lots of GOOD QUALITY ITEMS!  Food Available  Bring your family for an exciting evening at this Auction!!

FREE DRAWINGS: One gun drawing SAVAGE AXIS 6.5 Creedmoor!!

YOU WILL BE ENTERED EACH TIME YOU PURCHASE A GUN!       NEED TO BE PRESENT TO WIN. 2024 Calendar Drawing with 62 chances to win a gun.

The Calendar Winner will be the Buyer of the Highest Selling Gun at This Auction.

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