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Sat, May 27






Time & Location

May 27, 2023, 9:00 AM – 2:00 PM

Middlefield, 15848 Nauvoo Rd, Middlefield, OH 44062, USA

About the event


Here is a list of the many healthy and fresh plants at this auction - more to come auction day! Some of the

best nursery stock selection! Bringing you the best the season has to offer!

FRUIT: Everbearing Strawberries; 'Patriot’ Blueberries; Everbearing Red Raspberries, Blackberries, even grow your own Peanuts and

Popcorn!  Plant now and enjoy growing your own fresh & healthy Fruit!

PERENNIALS: So many strong hardy BLOOMING Perennials for you to choose from - Fragrant Lavender; Red Peonies; Coreopsis - Red and

Yellow;  Yarrow – Red and Yellow;  Hollyhocks – Double Yellow and Double Red;  Clematis purples, bicolors and ‘Rebecca’ reblooming

Red;  Geum ‘Totally Tangerine’ and orange ‘Kooky’;  Trailing Sedum Tri-combo;  Creeping Thyme ‘Magic Carpet’ ; beautiful Astilbe – Red, Pink,

Neon and White;  Campanula Bellflower – low blue and purple;  Delphinium; Sweet William – Red and Purple;  fragrant Dianthus – Red, Pink and

Bi-color; Dwarf Blanket flower – Yellow, Red and Bi-color;  Orange Butterfly Flower; Bleeding Hearts;  Digitalis Foxglove; ‘Cheyenne Spirit’ and

‘Pow Wow Wildberry’ Coneflowers;  Hardy Zebra Grass;  Daylilies – Yellow and Red;  Coral Bells – ‘Caramel’, ‘Plum Pudding’ and ‘Fire Alarm’;

‘Cranberry Crush’ Red Hardy Hibiscus; Hosta; Siberian Iris; Red Hot Poker; ‘Whoops-a-Daisy’, ‘Snowcap’ and ‘Daisy May’ Dwarf Shasta

Daisy;  fragrant Oriental and dwarf Asiatic Liles; colorful Lupines; Dwarf Bee Balm – ‘Cherry Pops’ Red, ‘Bubblegum Blast’ Pink and ‘Grape

Gumball’ Purple; hardy Garden Phlox – ‘Forever Pink’, ‘Laura’ Purple and ‘Peacock Cherry Red’; Variegated Jacobs Ladder; Salvia Garden Sage

– ‘May Knight’ and ‘New Dimension Rose’ ; Veronica Speedwell ‘Royal Candles’ Blue and ‘Eveline’ Pink; and others! **Many perennials in

bloom!** The best the season has to offer!

FLOWERING and SPECIALTY SHRUBS: Here are some of the highlights with many being added by auction day!: ‘Knock-Out’ Roses – Double

Red, Double Pink and ‘Sunny’ Yellow;  Orange Exbury Azaleas; Purple Tulip Magnolia; Hardy Evergreen Azaleas - Red, Purple and Red

Variegated;. Bowling Ball' Dwarf Globe Arborvitae; ‘Pinky Winky’ and ‘Limelight’ Sun Hydrangea;  Climbing White Hydrangea Vine;

Physocarpus Ninebark ‘Summer Wine’; Lavender-pink and Purple Rhododendron; Fragrant Purple Lilac; ‘Green Mountain’ Boxwood; Hasslefree

Roses – ‘Sunsprite’ Yellow, ‘Scentimental’ Red/White and ‘Livin Easy’ Orange; 'Gold Mop' Cypress; ‘Black Knight’ Purple and ‘Blue Chip

Jr.’ Butterfly Bush; ‘Double Play’ and ‘Magic Carpet’ Spirea; Weigela ‘Wine& Roses’ and reblooming ‘Sonic Bloom Red’;  Hibiscus Rose of

Sharon – ‘Double Purple’ and Double Red; Reblooming Hydrangea – ‘Forever and Ever Red’, ‘Forever and Ever Blue Heaven’ and

‘Bloomstruck’;  'Sky Pencil' Narrow Japanese Holly;  Japanese Andromeda Pieris; 'Miss Kim' Dwarf Fragrant Purple Lilac; 'Gold Cone' Juniper;

Hydrangea Blue ‘Zorro’; Red Honeysuckle Vine; - and more!

ORNAMENTAL SHRUBS: ‘Green Mountain’ Boxwood;  Gold Mop Cypress;  ‘Gold Spot’ Euonymus;  Globe Arborvitae;  Fernspray Green

Hinoki Cypress;  ‘Ivory Halo’ Red-stem Dogwood;  ‘Blue Ice’ Cypress; ‘Blue Point’ and ‘Moonglow’ Upright Juniper; ‘Sunshine’ Dwarf

Arborvitae;  Purple Smokebush; ‘Sky Pencil’ Japanese Holly; ‘Blue Princess’ Red-berry Holly;  Japanese Dappled Willow;  Dwarf Alberta Spruce;

‘Emerald Green’ and ‘Green Giant’ Arborvitae; Fernspray Gold Fernspray Hinoki Cypress;  ‘Mr. Bowling Ball’ and ‘Rheingold’ Dwarf Globe

Arborvitae; ‘Emerald Green’ Arborvitae and more coming by auction day!

FLOWERING & SHADE TREES:  ‘Crimson King’ Red Norway Maple;  Variegated Norway Maple;  ‘Red Sunset’ Fall Red Maple; Weeping

Crabapple;  Red Flowering Crabapple;  ‘Ruby Falls’ Weeping Redbud; ‘Quickfire’ Hydrangea Tree form;  'Snow Fountain' Weeping Japanese

Cherry; White Kousa Dogwood; Pink Kousa Dogwood; Purple Tulip Magnolia; Corkscrew Willow and more coming! Fresh and Healthy NEW

stock! This is a great time to plant trees!

SPECIALTY and TOPIARY ORNAMENTALS: Here are some of the highlights with many being added by auction day!: ‘Bloodgood’ Red

Japanese Maple; ‘Globosa’ Dwarf Globe Blue Spruce topiary; Dwarf Golden Hinoki Cypress; 'Boulevard' Blue Moss Cypress; ‘Ruby Falls’

Weeping Redbud;  Dwarf Alberta Spruce; Dwarf Hinoki Cypress;  Weeping Red Japanese Maples;  ‘Blue Star’ Juniper topiary;  - more coming by

auction day!

Plants for hedges to create your own private space! Screen with Green! 'Emerald Green' and deer-resistant fast growing ‘Green Giant’ Arborvitae

Fresh and Healthy NEW plants! This is a great time to plant!  Look for new additions coming Auction Day including Flowering Patio Pots, grow-

your-own Peanuts and Popcorn; Citronella Mosquito Plants and many more!

Fresh and Healthy NEW plants!

Auctioneer’s Note:

This is a partial list.

TERMS: We will accept Cash, Check, Debit card, Visa-Mastercard-Discover with proper ID.

There is a 5% Buyer’s Premium on all sales. 5% will be waived if paid with cash or good check.


View listing and photos on ID# 13983

Seller & Miller not responsible should any accidents occur.


AVAIALABLAuctioneer: Crist F. Miller

Assisting Auctioneer: Urie Byler

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